Short and long term serviced apartments - choose the location you prefer

T3 - 110USD per day - P. Vermelha

T3 - 45USD per day - Polana

T2 - 45USD per day - Malhangalene

More properties available in our portfolio

N.B. this is not an Airbnb like service. We directly manage the entire range of services we offer, from reservation to hosting, property maintenance, etc. You can find some of our properties listed with major agents (like Airbnb and Book with us directly if you look for more choice and flexibility.

T3 - 45USD per day - Polana

T1 - 85USD per day - Museu

T2 - 40USD per day - Malhangalene

T1 - 30USD per day - Alto Mae

Good value

T2 - 100USD per day - Sommershield

T1 - 30USD per day - Malhangalene