Aparthotel Mozambique

Get more space for cheaper!

Get an independent apartments with all services included for half a price of a hotel room.

We prioritize security and connectivity and choose properties in the best locations of the city equipping them with modern and functioning facilities so to cater for guests who stay in the city for medium and long periods.

Each unit can only be reserved entirely and for a minimum of 1 week

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Who Is Aparthotel Mozambique

We offer our clients a home away from home experience without indulging on providing most of the serivces offered in a hotel at substantially lower prices.

We straive to get the utmost satisfaction of our clients end go out of our way to leave them with a memorable experience

Spending a long period in a hotel can end up being quite stressful and unpleasant

We recognize the importance of keeping our own intimacy and being able to fully relax ourselves out of the working environment

We give our clients that soothing feeling of being at home and being able to express themselves in their own environment creating their own atmosphere

Our promise to our clients is simply : “Stay with us and be yourself”

Our highest gratification is to see customer after customer coming back to stay with us

Our Skills

Professional short term propery rental service 100
Properties in 5 out of 6 central areas of Maputo 83
Full set of professional services 75
Best quality/price ratio in town 95